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  1. LoboCanada

    AOR Replacement & the Joint Support Ship (Merged Threads)

    I love this idea. A Non-DND Crown Corp could contract 1 or 2 to run food/fuel/medical equipment/etc... to help reduce the cost of living up north too. Use these summer delivery runs to train with AOPS, visit northern communities/build gov't-FN relations. Make these ships convertible hospitals...
  2. LoboCanada

    Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ

    I agree with Pivo. This project comes at a bad time, and is too important to federal political strategy to fail, and should have been broken down into 2 projects. Bad time as we have another huge fighter project to buy at the same time, plus with COVID.... I think i've said this before, but...
  3. LoboCanada

    Military eyes adaptive camouflage, self-repairing clothing for future troops

    Unless it's a secret game-changer, this is a great way to waste money. As FJAG put it, this money could've been put towards one of the many capability gaps or shortcomings the CF has. I'm particularly irked by: So what's the point of this then? Make stuff that doesn't exist yet? I'd love to...
  4. LoboCanada

    Australian navy's hunt for new sub to replace Collins class

    You ever think a reason we haven't started a Victoria-class replacement is because someone/people are watching the Collins-class replacement project and seeing how to not do it? Would be a mirror case for us: SSN capability is favourable but something we as a Navy or our Industry have ever...
  5. LoboCanada

    JUSTAS: the project to buy armed Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAVs

    I know it's different, but that was fast... Transport Canada to acquire a remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) from Elbit Systems https://vanguardcanada.com/transport-canada-to-acquire-a-remotely-piloted-aircraft-system-rpas-from-elbit-systems/
  6. LoboCanada

    Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ

    This project is in the news more than ever, all shedding this in a bad light, all avoidable. Should've started 2 warship projects, both very different. First project should've been for 3 or 4 AAW/DDGs to replace the Tribals ASAP. Should have built them first before the AOPS. All design...
  7. LoboCanada

    Army Reserve Restructuring

    You could as what is the real purpose of a CDS or MND? Its clear that reorganisation and innovation is a part of the job only on paper/its public face and not the main focus, or else we'd see more noticable change every few years. They really just seem like senior-management positions and not...
  8. LoboCanada

    Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ

    Is it prudent to buy more than 8 or so of each system? Won't many of these systems be outdated by the time the hull is ready for them to be installed (even though we are buying cutting edge)? It'd be like buying 2020 tech for a 2040 ship - or in simpler terms - 1970s tech on the 1996/last Halifax.
  9. LoboCanada

    The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

    Our "new" used former RAAF classic hornets are now entering the museum circuit. Maybe there was a clause in the contract to have access to the museum pieces. Perhaps in a few years we'll be scavenging those for spare parts. War Memorial welcomes RAAF Classic Hornet to collection...
  10. LoboCanada

    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    Speaking of mortars... ROYAL MARINES ROLL-OUT NEW VEHICLES ON MORTAR EXERCISES https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/news-and-latest-activity/news/2020/december/03/201203-45-commando-mortars Easy, cheap, localized solution to a problem? Reserve artillery units could run these pretty easy, don't cost...
  11. LoboCanada

    AOR Replacement & the Joint Support Ship (Merged Threads)

    I agree with FJAG completely. CF should be able to provide more varied options for gov't in order to maintain its relevancy as well. The UK has recently fundamentally changed the way the Royal Marines operate, with forward-placed groups and 2 nearly-dedicated Amphib ships to provide a fast...
  12. LoboCanada

    Dutch ships and designs and the possibilities for Canada

    Plenty of info about this spread out about this. Mentioned in multiple RCN threads too (by myself as well). Interesting platform with impressive capabilities. I hope the A26-Oceanic replaces the Victorias. VLS, Multi-Mission Portal for UUVs and special swimmers. http://www.hisutton.com/A26.html...
  13. LoboCanada

    AOR Replacement & the Joint Support Ship (Merged Threads)

    We should have had LPH for decades already, considering how expeditionary we are. Harpers Ferry-class/Whidbey Island-class, Karel-Doorman - anything that gives us something close to a Mistral i'll take at this point. Probably the best time for industry to promote extra work/jobs. Make Davie the...
  14. LoboCanada

    Apache helicopters on the cusp of replacing Tigers

    "In" before anyone says "Canada should get the Apache"... :rofl: This I heard of and I agree. I think the growth of a the Australian defence industry and defence budget, it makes sense to buy something with alittle more local industry involved - over spending money to upgrade something with...
  15. LoboCanada

    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    Just found out there was a project to buy 17 rocket artillery launchers about 10ish years ago from the wiki page. "Long-Range Precision Rocket System (LRPRS)" What happened with that? What was the justification for it getting cancelled?
  16. LoboCanada

    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    I remember doing some research into the US Army concept for an air-deployable LAV3 SPH with a turret from Denal (of S.Africa) which was not pursued. It makes sence to LAV-ify as much as possible but the whole idea of it is to reduce maintenance and increase commonality. In this, we'd be doing R...
  17. LoboCanada

    All Things Air Defence/AA (merged)

    Yes, self-sufficiency, true independence, a strong reserve force and a successful defence industry. God forbid.  ;D
  18. LoboCanada

    Replacing the Subs

    Agreed^. The cost of the A-26 seems competitive as well, with future-growth built into the design like the Gotland. Paired up with something like the below, and you have a decent proposal. Kraken Robotics announces ThunderFish XL AUV development...
  19. LoboCanada

    Re-establishing a Canadian Armoured Brigade in Europe

    I like this idea. A heavily subsidized civilian-military ship, and could use them in the north to help reduce the cost of shipping things up there (since the upkeep could be subsidized too). Reduced costs and fees for food, construction and infrastructure would allow for our North to be more...
  20. LoboCanada

    RCN Weapons System (historical, current, planned)

    Speaking of which, I know the RN uses M134s where we use C6s or HMG. Why not use them? The cost of capital ships is high enough to dedicate a little $ for something that'll do well for something close-up.