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xx Wiki Editors Wanted

September 22, 2020, 08:31:57 by Mike Bobbitt

A few years back, we added a Wiki to, and many members contributed to its content:

Recent changes in the forum and mediawiki software packages have made seamless login from one to the other impossible, and so the Wiki contents have stagnated. I am looking for a handful of editors who would be  willing to update and expand the information in the Wiki. For those who are able, I can manually create accounts and set you loose to make updates. Please let me know via PM or reply to this thread if you are interested, and thanks for helping to make a better place!

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xx NATO partners agree to mutual air defense systems

October 24, 2020, 16:17:25 by Lancaster
On Oct/23/2020, see Canada below recently not signing on to mutual air
defence systems because we have the obsolete Air Defence Anti-tank
system  (ADATS), are we depending on other countries for defence systems?


1) NATO partners agree to mutual air defense systems.
...Ministers from Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia,
the Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain signed a letter of intent to implement a
systematic and modular Ground-Based Air Defense, or GBAD, to defend
against a range of air and missile threats.

 The system will include very short range missiles, including Stinger, Mistral
and anti-aircraft artillery, and short range and medium range missiles,
including the HAWK and Network Centric Short to Medium Range Ground
 Based Air Defense System...
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xx Reserve Attendance

October 07, 2020, 12:06:06 by humblesoldier
Hi guys. I have only sundays and mondays off and have got my employer to give me the summers off for training. I can give a commitment of four mondays a month and a sunday or two. Would that suffice ? I cant give fridays saturdays and sundays unfortunately.
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xx Vehicle Icons for Powerpoint

October 06, 2020, 11:52:16 by AndrewB2020
Morning - I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can grab vehicle icons for addition to a powerpoint such as ambulances, LAVs troops that sort of thing. Been looking everywhere and I can't seem to find anything. Any help is much appreciated.
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xx Summer time Employment - Reserve Officers training

September 14, 2020, 01:56:43 by humblesoldier
Brothers and sisters its been impossible to get through with anyone at the reserve base so I put this to you. Are the forces still going forward with Full time employment during the summers during this covid period. How exactly has training been tailored overall for covid. Also please tell me how does officers training work with reserves as to what days and any information with schedule. I am trying to figure out how to balance a Civy job with being a reservist officer and then also being available for courses when they come up. What kinds of jobs do you have to balance with reserves. How do you do it. Thank you in advance
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xx Reserve Class B Contracts

August 10, 2020, 03:49:16 by humblesoldier
Do some trades have more class B contracts than other trades ? I have recently met a corporal with 6 years of class B service continuously like....renewals i think. Would a logistics officer or the logistics trade too get class B contracts like that ?
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- John Randolf, to the House of Representatives, 5 March 1808.

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Battle of Chateauguay


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VC won by Lt Robert Shankland, DCM, 43rd Battalion, CEF, Passchendaele, Belgium


VC won by Pte Thomas William Holmes, 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles Battalion, CEF, Passchendaele, Belgium

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