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xx Kudos to the Moderators

May 22, 2020, 22:18:09 by Walt
To Our Moderators,

Thank you for the many hours you invest in our forum. Your dedication and assistance in helping Mr. Bobbitt to keep this site alive is very much appreciated. As an aside, to those who frequent ARMY.CA, please consider supporting by either subscribing, or making a donation. Every dollar helps! Thanks!

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xx Question sur une expression

April 24, 2020, 12:39:10 by volt147
Bonjour a tous,

J'ai une question pour vous.

Si vous traité quelqu'un de cas probleme, que veut dire cette expression militaire pour vous.

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moved MOVED: Looking for military families interested in participating in resilience research

April 20, 2020, 17:30:05 by Bruce Monkhouse
This topic has been moved for further examination. 

clip Commissioned vs Non-Conmissioned

March 04, 2020, 19:23:05 by Aero_Solas

I'm wondering what the key differences are between commissioned and non commissioned members and officers. Are there any differences at all?

Thank you for your time!

Sent from my LG-H933 using Tapatalk

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xx Position Writeups

March 02, 2020, 12:30:08 by SentryMAn
Curious if anyone knows of a good location to source write ups for various "coined" positions within units?

basically a TOR but more in a narrative format

Space Lt, Flying various spacecraft around in circles while trying to maintain adequate pitch control and level flying.
Comms 2IC, dealing with Admin and HR issues as well as control of the training, planning and execution of general day to day ops, dealing out discipline with authority,  filling out countless reports and answering any questions poised by the section commander

or maybe we can just start filling these out with our own experiences?  lol
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clip What's firing a .50 cal sniper rifle do to snipers' heads?

December 16, 2019, 22:17:37 by
Seems to be a question the CAF's research arm is trying to find a more detailed answer to -- this from ....
... Requirement: Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC)-Valcartier wishes to acquire a total of 50 units of a commercially available smart mouth guard meeting a well-defined technical specification. In addition, DRDC wished to acquire two storage cases that can be used for storing and charging the mouth guards at the shooting range.

Background: Recently, members of the CAF sniper community have expressed concerns regarding the effects of being repeatedly exposed to recoil from long-range rifles. Specifically, there is a concern that the high rate head kinematic that snipers experience during firing of a 0.50 caliber rifle might have a cumulative negative effect on their health. In order to assess the potential risk of developing a brain injury from the repeated firing of long-range rifles, the head kinematics of Snipers during a typical firing event needs to be characterized.
The Weapons Effects and Protection (WEP) section of DRDC recently undertook research work to quantify the head kinematics of snipers during the firing of a 0.50 caliber rifle. Direct measurements of head kinematics were successfully taken on two operators using prototype instrumented mouth guards developed in-house. The prototype mouth guards were custom-built for the operators based on individual teeth imprints obtained from a local dentist. The mouth guards were instrumented with a high-sensitivity 6 DOF accelerometer allowing the measurement of all 3 linear accelerations and all three rotational velocities. Indirect measurements of the head kinematics were also successfully taken from high-speed stereo-videography in order to confirm and validate the readings from the accelerometer. This pilot study allowed DRDC to confirm the applicability of the mouth guard method and to identify the technical requirements for a smart mouth guard to be capable of monitoring the head kinematics of a Sniper during the firing of long-range rifles. These technical requirements include, among other things: the sensors bandwidth, the sampling rate, the recording time and the data filtering scheme.
Unfortunately, the internally developed prototype mouth guards use very expensive instrumentation that requires cabling to be routed from the operator's mouth to a data acquisition system. It is not a suitable solution for carrying data collection at a shooting range on multiple shooters.  In order to support a larger study for which 25+ snipers will be monitored throughout an extended period of time, DRDC needs to procure an integrated commercial device that meets the identified performance requirements while being wireless and more affordable.  Also, because the identity of subjects of the future study will be known only shortly before the start of the study, it will be impossible to procure customized mouth guards for everyone. Therefore, DRDC seeks a commercial device that can be fitted by simple thermoforming of the mouth guard on the teeth of the user (Boil&bite process or equivalent). 
In the context of future study, DRDC envisions that the mouth guards distributed to a given unit will be stored at their main training facility. The data collection and recharging of the mouth guards will be handled locally at the training facility. Therefore, there is also a requirement for a device which would be used for storage, data download and recharging. Training facilities may not have network connectivity ...
More details in attached bid document.
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