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    Siberian Army Unit Helps Orphan Who Asked For Tank Ride as New Year Gift

    "I find I have liked all the soldiers of different race who have fought with me and most of those who have fought against me. This is not strange, for there is a freemasonry among fighting soldiers that helps them understand one another, even if they are enemies." - Gen. Sir William Slim...
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    WWI explosive shell discovered in home

    You call THAT a bomb? ... THIS is a bomb ... Koblenz evacuated for WWII bomb removal from Rhine http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-16018659
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    NLD General Peter van Uhm TED Speech on YouTube

    Exactly. Doing "good" includes deterrence (i.e. warning off, scaring off, or killing off bad guys ... or preventing "evil") Notice also how the General gave full credit for those Allies who came and did good in the NL: ... I was gripped by the stories of the Allied soldiers. Soldiers who left...
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    Legion Poppy Copyright issues (bikers, NHL, etc.)

    Fascinating perspective.  Personally, I wouldn't view the CFL or NHL as "using" the poppy. Instead, I'd view it as honouring our fallen. And, it the Legion is receiving zero dollars from the NHL at present ... it would seem fair to me that if the NHL teams wore commemorative sweaters, then...
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    Legion Poppy Copyright issues (bikers, NHL, etc.)

    So, in other words ... rather than obtain exposure coast to coast on Hockey Night in Canada, the Legion would rather cut off their nose to spite their face?  Yup - time for a regime change.
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    Legion Poppy Copyright issues (bikers, NHL, etc.)

    Awesome.  Focussing solely on the issue of wearing the poppy, I did speak to the manufacturer of the Kitchener Ranger sweaters (i.e. when I asked him if I could get some poppies for our Regimental team, he said he'd have to get permission from The Legion - I trust him to have told me the truth)...
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    Legion Poppy Copyright issues (bikers, NHL, etc.)

    I remember when the issue came up a few years back - haven't got a link at my fingertips. The NHL simply side-stepped the issue by saying teams had to submit their requests for approval. (and I've heard since then that the process takes months if the NHL wants to drag their feet, plus the NHL...
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    Whither the Royal Canadian Legion? Or RCL Withers?

    I agree with other members here - the Legion is "broken". (and I'll never forgive them for selling us out via the NVC ... they verged on being traitors ...) However ... when something breaks, sometimes we can scavenge spare or usable parts (i.e. rather than re-invent the wheel ...) And, as...
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    Legion Poppy Copyright issues (bikers, NHL, etc.)

    Thanks to FlyingDutchman for the links! Okay - just to start the fastball rolling ... I got this off my chest (sent it to NHL "Corporate Marketing", since there wasn't a "NHL Poppy Petition" yet ...) To:  NHL Corporate Marketing Why won't you allow Canadian teams to wear a poppy for...
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    Legion Poppy Copyright issues (bikers, NHL, etc.)

    Two more examples from junior hockey:
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    Legion Poppy Copyright issues (bikers, NHL, etc.)

    Okay, team - we have one year to accomplish this task. At present, Gary Buttman and the NHL won't let teams wear a poppy on their sweaters or helmets (in contrast to the OHL where teams such as the Kitchener Rangers, Kingston Frontenacs and St Mike's Blues wear special commemorative sweaters...
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    Since it's almost Remembrance Day...

    Nice story - thanks for sharing with all of us. In return, here's a poem I received from Scotland (Remembrance Day summed up in 22 words!) I'll wear a little poppy, As red as red can be, To show that I remember Those who fought for me. Lest we forget.  :brit poppy:
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    Whither the Royal Canadian Legion? Or RCL Withers?

    Unfortunately I've let my Legion membership lapse, but I'm one of the few that's inclined to try and save it. Having said that ... the reason I think we need to save it is because of the damage they've done by supporting the NVC (i.e. yes, everybody's observations are valid with respect to old...
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    General Hillier's Legacy (split from:Top general fights to cut the fat in the Forces)

    Former general inspires chamber dinner audience By SHANNON QUESNEL / THE STANDARD / QMI AGENCY Posted 7 days ago http://www.elliotlakestandard.ca/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=3355624#.Truwgcl_wX8.facebook Canada's former top military officer, General Rick Hillier, stayed on target throughout his...