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clip Introducing BattlePro for Android

Yesterday at 14:39:47 by Mike Bobbitt

I am pleased to announce that starting today, the BattlePro app is available for Android users. You can install via Google Play, or directly with this link:

This is the very first version, so it is rough around the edges and there are likely some bug hiding within, but the core functionality is there. Please feel free to post any feedback or bug reports here. The Android version of BattlePro is very similar to the iOS version, with a few minor changes here and there. For example the Grid Finder is not available in Android, though we are looking at including it in a future release.

The app is free, but has some $0.99 in app purchases to help support the site and future development efforts. I've tried hard to make the core content accessible at no cost and restrict the in-apps to a few "extras".

8 comments | Write Comment News

xx Former Army Commander, LGen Leach, passes away in Ottawa

April 02, 2015, 12:04:12 by dapaterson
It is with great sadness that the Canadian Museum of History announces the passing of LGen (ret'd) Bill Leach, Chairman of our Board of Trustees, earlier today in Ottawa.
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xx Reserve Force Compensation

March 17, 2015, 15:07:41 by Lost_Soul
Hi all,

Looking for some advice.  I'm on Reserve Force Compensation on sick leave waiting to get booted for medical reasons. I've tried fighting it to stay in but their answer was a firm no.  I've been offered a sweet part time job with pretty awesome benefits for while I go to school for the two years allowed.  The only problem is they'll need me to start working 16 hours a week starting in May. I don't want to shut this opportunity out, as the army is releasing me and I'll need something to make up that extra 25% income I'm losing for my Voc Rehab.   

Is there any way the CF could find out if I took the position?
Is there any option I can pursue to do it and not get in trouble?

Obviously I want to follow all the regs and get out with my head held high (despite the forced boot), but I will need to most I have a family and responsibilities to take care of.   
5 comments | Write Comment

xx Volunteer Firefighter training starting, but just got merit listed.

March 03, 2015, 19:23:36 by Alderson
Alright, so to sum it up -

I applied for the Military just over 2 years ago, and was just Merit listed this week for Reg force.

About a year ago I applied for a Volunteer Firefighter position, just for something to do while I wait for the Military since my application process has taken a long time.

Well, I've done all my testing/exams for the Volunteer Firefighter position and my 8 month training program for it is starting March 24th.

I'm curious as to what others would do in my situation. Should I cancel my slot in the Firefighter training, since (I assume) that I'll receive a job offer soon, based off of how quick I've seen others being hired on.

Or should I stick with the Firefighter training as there's really no set date on when I could/will receive a job offer for the Military?
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Armyca-Ico EME Officer question

February 18, 2015, 23:19:45 by Ceng
I would like to know if this job is worth pursuing.  The main area of concern about this trade is how much engineering skill is actually utilized on a daily basis.

As a mechanical engineer would I be involved in any actual engineering tasks (design of machinery...) or is it mainly management and general "officer" work?

3 comments | Write Comment

xx Highland Military Ball - Calgary - 14 March 2015

February 08, 2015, 18:28:25 by Rick Goebel
The Calgary Highlanders will be holding their Highland Military Ball at the Westin on that date.

More information is available at  All are welcome.
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