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xx Keeping Soldiers off the Streets Golf Tournament in Kingston, ON 28 Aug 2016

August 24, 2016, 22:07:33 by joe.blanchard
Good Evening All,

I would ask for your assistance in an important event, which had over 50 golfers drop out over the past 3 weeks, due to other commitments.

 I was speaking with Gerry Hartley, a great friend from Kingston about the upcoming Veterans Golf Tournament this Sunday.... There are numerous positions open for golfers... if there's a time to attend an excellent event, please do.....

‘LEAVE THE STREETS BEHIND’ Charity Golf Tournament
For the Relief of Homeless Veterans

Hosted By Loyalist Golf and Country Club, Bath, ON
Sunday Aug 28, 2016 *Shotgun Start* Tee Off – 1:00 PM
$125.00 per person Includes – Golf, ½ cart, Driving Range - Buffet Dinner, Prizes
“SCRAMBLE” format. Teams comprised of four golfers preferred. Twosomes or Singles will be accommodated and paired with others. All golfers are requested to be at the course by 12:00 noon.

Register ASAP and help support this very worthy cause.

If you wish to support this event, please contact Gerry at 613-352-5455 or by email at and we can provide more information important matter focused on assisting Homeless Veterans. 

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xx Showerthoughts: What small thing has had the largest impact on the Cdn Army?

August 22, 2016, 16:27:57 by Bzzliteyr
I came up with this thought this morning:

Smallest thing that has had the biggest impact on our Canadian army?

The Tim Hortons in the Canex in Wainwright.

With the amount of people exercising through that base, there's no doubt it has affected morale.

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xx Turn off your cell phone - USMC Commandant

August 11, 2016, 00:00:32 by dapaterson
The ...commandant of the Marines Corps, said today's Marines have gotten a little too comfortable with modern conveniences in a way that could prove disastrous on the battlefield.
"When was the last time ... when you saw Marines or soldiers operating in Iraq or Afghanistan when they camouflaged their face or they broke up the outline of their helmet with camouflage so they couldn't be seen? When was the last time you saw that?" he asked.
"We've been operating out of fixed positions. We have not moved across the ground. We have not maneuvered. We have not lived off the land," Neller said. "We've been eating in chow halls and drinking green bean coffee. That's pretty nice."
But that's not where the Corps needs to be on the battlefield, he said.
"You're living out of your pack, you're going to stop at night, you're going to dig a hole, you're going to camouflage, you're going to turn off all your stuff, and you're going to sit there, and you try to sleep," he said. "And you've got to be careful to not make any noise, and you're going to try to have absolutely no signature. Because if you can be seen, you will be attacked. That's the difference, and that's where we've got to get."
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xx Canadian Army gets a new flag (2016)

July 30, 2016, 18:35:58 by MCG
A new flag for the Army!  Once again, it seems aesthetics is the more important place to invest our efforts over fielding actual operational capability. 

New Canadian Army flag unveiled

Ottawa, Ontario  — The Canadian Army (CA) will advance into the future under a new flag that nods to its proud past.

The flag was unveiled July 14, 2016, during a ceremony on Parliament Hill in which CA members welcomed their new Commander, Lieutenant-General Paul Wynnyk.

The new design features the Canadian flag and a white, stylized maple leaf against a red background. Superimposed on the white maple leaf is the badge that members used during the Second World War and the Korean conflict, consisting of three maple leaves over a pair of crossed swords. Sitting atop the centre leaf is an image of St. Edward’s Crown, a symbol that has been used in coronation ceremonies for over 300 years.

The maple leaf was worn on the collars of Canadian soldiers who fought in the Battle of Vimy Ridge during the First World War, and was included on the new flag to honour the 100th anniversary of the battle, which will be marked in 2017. The same maple leaf flew on the Headquarters flags of the fighting Divisions during the Second World War and still flies across Canada at the CA’s various Division Headquarters.   

The flag traces the evolution of the CA’s identity, reinforcing the link between the brave veterans of Afghanistan and the Cold War period with the heroes of First and Second World Wars and Korea.

“These changes are collectively directed at promoting the military traditions that shape our Army,” said LGen Wynnyk. “Our symbols and history increase the pride that each soldier feels in their trade and duty within the Canadian Army. Maximizing corps and regimental identity is key to our soldiers’ personal and collective esprit de corps.”

The Canadian Army name was restored in 2011 following several decades in which all three military branches were known collectively as the Canadian Armed Forces. The CA’s Divisions and Corps began restoring their identities in 2013 and there have been several additional restorations of Army badges and rank designations since.

The new CA flag will be featured at the Canada Army Run this September.

By Pat Bryden, Army History and Heritage and Caroline Fyfe, Army Public Affairs with files from Steven Fouchard, Army Public Affairs

The promotional image also ignores that we just invested money and effort in a new flag two years ago.

I guess all those new flags can just be tossed to the garbage to make room for the newer?

Edit to fix broken hotlink,
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xx Mechanized platoon\company group structure

July 27, 2016, 21:08:10 by Strydwolf
Hello everyone!

Anyone who's involved in military modeling and reenactments knows how hard it is to find just any information on TO&E of various canadian units. Of course, there is a reason to that.
In any way, I am looking for a most basic information on canadian army mechanized infantry units structure - up to a company\company group.

So, several questions:

1) AFAIK typical mech.inf platoon consists of 3xSections + 1 Heavy section + HQ. Is HQ traveling in one (or spread through) its 4 LAVs or does it have its own vehicle?
2) How often additional radio operators, medics, UAV operators are attached in a typical combat task organizations? How do they travel?
3) Specifically task organized company-sized groups are used very often in US army and marine units, especially in recon\cavalry squadrons. Is the composition of such groups in canadian mechanized units similar in its organizational idea to their US\UK counterparts?
4) How often are tank units task organized with mechanized companies to form tank-mechanized company groups (such as in US army)? Can it be that a tank section is attached to a mechanized platoon for MTC missions if armored threat is expected?

Thanks in advance!
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xx Searching for a CANARMYGEN

July 25, 2016, 17:12:45 by hotei
Hey All --

Unfortunately I do not have access to the DWAN presently, however I am trying to locate the CANARMYGEN from 06/07 regarding an order to not mark call signs on vehicles. I know this is bizarre, but I have been asked by higher if I could try and find it (as he can't, and neither of us has DWAN access). I have googled the heck of it, in case someone copied and pasted it, and tried searching as well.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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