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Troops respond to students' letters


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Like a note in a bottle washed ashore after years at sea, a package of letters arrived at a Kingston high school last week, responses to students’ letters sent to troops in Afghanistan over a year ago.

For the past few years, history and social sciences teacher Nicole Kasserra has had her Grade 10 students at Frontenac Secondary School write letters prior to Remembrance Day to veterans, thanking them for their service and sacrifice.

They use postcards provided by Veterans Affairs Canada through the Postcards for Peace program.

Most of the cards are sent to local seniors residences and nursing homes.

“Every year the numbers go down, but we take as many as we can and distribute them throughout the homes,” said Kasserra. “So that way we have a chance for veterans to get a card, get a personal message from some of our students.”

While most of last year’s class wrote letters to veterans here in Canada, a handful wrote their messages to soldiers currently serving with the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan, Egypt, Congo, the Golan Heights, Haiti, the Middle East, Libya and Sierra Leone.

“And we got this package from Afghanistan,” said a surprised Kasserra. “We just got this a week or so ago.”

The package, containing responses to last year’s letters, had apparently gone from Afghan­istan to the local base and then had been mailed to Frontenac from Belleville.

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