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Canadian flyer killed in Second World War identified after 72 years


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The Defence Department says the remains of a Second World War airman found in a German lake in 2008 have been identified as those of Flight Sgt. John Joseph Carey of Ottawa.

Carey was 22 years old and the front air gunner in a Royal Air Force Halifax bomber when it took off for a raid against Germany on Aug. 28, 1942.

The plane was shot down by a fighter aircraft and crashed in Laacher See, a lake south of Bonn, Germany.

In 2008, a team of German explosives-disposal experts conducted several dives on the crash site to assess the stability of the aircraft's cargo and in the process, recovered human remains.

A genetic donor for Carey was located in December last year and the results of the genetic testing were received in February.

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An image technician from the Tactics School at the Combat Training Centre will be attending in order to photograph the event.  As well, this photo technician recently attended a similar event in Holland.  In that case, it was the photo technician's relative.