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C3 Howitzer Replacement


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UK mulls 105 mm Light Gun replacement project
by Christopher F Foss
28 JULY 2021

UK mulls 105 mm Light Gun replacement project
Hart said unmanned, autonomous, and self-propelled concepts are being considered for technology development.

According to Dstl, “The study is investigating and evaluating multiple calibres and advanced projectiles in order to increase range, improve end effect, improve accuracy, improve tactical/strategic mobility, and reduce crew members.” High-explosive, illumination, smoke, and terminally guided rounds could potentially be fired.

Potential options could include a more mobile 105 mm weapon, 120 mm mortar, or a 5 inch (127 mm) naval weapon. An artist's impression, released by Dstl as an example, showed a mobile 4×4 platform armed with a 105 mm weapon.


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When deciding what system we should get to replace the C3's....105mm, 155mm, 120mm mortar, HIMARS or loitering munitions...I think the answer should be "Yes". I'm more and more thinking that the best bang for our buck (pardon the pun) in making a significant contribution in a peer conflict would be to greatly increase our indirect fires capabilities. Multiple, complementary systems for both the Reg Force and the Reserves.