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  1. kratz

    Survey on Future Remembrance Ceremonies

  2. kratz

    Survey on Future Remembrance Ceremonies

    I found about one-third of the questions were leading in one direction. After the non-political answers to the RCN's rank change survey, I'm surprised VAC opted to bother with a survey if they already have their mind made up.
  3. kratz

    Osteoarthritis Knee Condition

    The PDF from the Veteran's Well-being act: Table of Disabilities. Chapter 4, page 10., or page 33 of the PDF. 5% each knee or $18,270 each knee.
  4. kratz

    Re-enrolling enhanced check

    This Facebook advertisement from CMP is causing a lot of wry smiles.
  5. kratz

    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    I'm aware of a voluntary vaccination clinic at a PRes unit for all pers (class A, class B, and RSS), in 2009 during H1N1 (AKA Swine flu). With planning, it's possible.
  6. kratz

    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    Sadly, Since the provincial court order against gatherings. Warnings are a thing of the past. Tickets are first and arrest are a close second the past four days.
  7. kratz

    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    One bit at a time. I agree the virus needs to be stopped, but the ease which governments continue to roll forward with restrictions is just as concerning.
  8. kratz

    New IRP / Move policy-effective Dec 01, 2017 [Merged]

    Halfway through our move process and so far this is far and the CAFRD is much improved over the implementation of the last CFIRP update with those relo cards and other policies IAW our experiences to date. HHT was smooth. no major issues, House Purchase was smooth and it's nice to now have the...
  9. kratz

    New IRP / Move policy-effective Dec 01, 2017 [Merged]

    Yippie. 3 years later and on the move again. A new CAFRD vs CFIRP, but same old issues dealing with BGRS.
  10. kratz

    Prince Philip Passed Away

    I don't normally double post, but on this occasion, with two threads open: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the eighth bell has rung, your time has passed. Now it;s time to lay at rest. The Sailor's Psalm 107, verses 23 - 30
  11. kratz

    Fallen Comrades (serving Canadian military)

    Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the eighth bell has rung, your time has passed. Now it;s time to lay at rest. The Sailor's Psalm 107, verses 23 - 30
  12. kratz

    Cost of housing in Canada

    We had been searching for the past 5 months and finally bought a place outside Truro, NS for $1 over asking. We were fortunate., most people have to bid between $50K to $75K over to ensure a winning bid. We will be paying $150 more per month in total bills compared to our current place.
  13. kratz

    Next Iteration of the Naval Warfare Officer Rebranding

    A gaggle of these new RCN officers, wearing their peak caps will earn the nickname SNOWflakes? 🍿
  14. kratz

    Suez Canal blocked by EVERGIVEN

    Beer in hand and watching freighters sail past, figured you were talking about Halifax harbour. :p
  15. kratz

    What’s in a Soldier? How to Rebrand the Canadian Armed Forces

    We are seeing how that has not worked for us currently with COVID-19 (production, health protection ect...)
  16. kratz

    Business Grants for Veterans

    This program has been quite successful.
  17. kratz

    Medical release for Reserve

    If your 3(b) release is due to injury while employed on class B or C service, your medical benefits will be the same as RegF, even if you are currently class A. Your Nurse CM should have a checklist that will assist in guiding you through part of the release. Become accustomed to always needing...
  18. kratz

    General Vance - Inappropriate conduct?

    RCN command didn't enjoy much of the input from the JRs WRT the proposed rank changes. How much more distasteful would the higher CAF command find feedback from the entire JRs?
  19. kratz

    CDN/US Covid-related political discussion

    The UK was able to vaccinate 15 million in 6 weeks, that's half of the Canadian population. Allowing extra time for distribution for our larger country and for delivery from manufacturers, we should have been able to reach a far higher percentage of Canadians.