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    Special Operations Pilot

    You do not need to do a line tour in a normal squadron, as several people have gone straight from Phase 3 helo to 427. At the end of ph3 you put down where you would like to go, and the school staff along with the career manager decide what is the best fit based on the needs of the forces, your...
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    Commercial Pilot Licence ( CPL )

    The Phase 1 bypass can still be granted to someone who holds a CPL, but it's not automatic. It's determined on a case by case basis, and I believe it's based in part on the recency of your flying experience. A friend of mine just got the bypass, whereas someone else I know who had a CPL/MIFR did...
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    I have some questions

    The seven years after attaining wings is Restricted Release, not obligatory service. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe obligatory service and a restricted release period can occur simultaneously. So in five years, the fellow at the desk next to yours will have finished his...
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    Handheld water purifier recomendations

    I just bought a Sawyer Mini to add to my aircraft survival kit. Internally, it's the same technology as a lifestraw, but the form factor is a little more convenient in that you can screw it onto a water bottle or the provided squeeze bag rather than drinking directly from the water source. You...
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    Public service to Class B

    You can't really end up in that situation. Since you have 10 years of pensionable service in the public service, if you do nothing you will get a pension at the age of 60 that amounts to 20% (2% per year) of your average pay over the five highest earning years (presumably your last 5 years). It...
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    There are several components on ASC which require mental math skills, some of which require precise answers and some are more focused on speed of calculation and being able to estimate answers is important. However, you should strive to get both faster and more precise with your practice. Try...
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    When I went through it, there were some people in my group for whom the ASC was the last step in the process, and others for whom it was the first step (i.e. they had not had an interview, initial medical screening, etc.) so the order and timelines seem to vary base on availability. People who...
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    Solo Hours Requirement for CPL -Helicopter

    The Transport Canada CPL requirements are written in the context of a student going through the typical process of PPL->CPL->ATPL, etc. Most people going through CPL training would not be flying in a multi-crew environment, they would either be flying with an instructor as "dual" or without an...
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    SAR and Byers

    As a private aircraft owner who recently upgraded to a 406 MHz ELT, I'd like to chime in on the issue. The cost issue is relative. Sure, a $1000 upgrade which may one day save your life seems like a no brainer, but the ELT is usually not the piece of kit that is at the front of most owner's...
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    CAF Pilots: Flying for Recreation

    While renting a clapped out 172 is expensive for what you get, the marginal cost for a flight is much cheaper when you own an aircraft. Two to three people owning a small single can get to be downright reasonable, especially considering the amounts that I see people spending on new cars/trucks...
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    Improved batteries for hybrid vehicles

    Hmmm, according to the article, their battery doesn't use lead, but rather a graphite foam. That somewhat offsets the low cost and high availability of lead argument. Still, I'm curious to see how well these perform. If they can in fact match NiMH performance at Lead Acid costs, I think it would...
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    Canadian military motorcycles

    Thx for the replies guys. GO!!, good points about the advantages of ATV's over dirt bikes. For most applications in the army, ATV's are indeed better suited, thought I think there are a few very small roles which can be filled by a motorbike. The mountain bike strapped to the side of an...
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    Canadian military motorcycles

    Hello all, I was recenlty reading about Germany's extensive use of motorcycles during WWII, and I got to thinking about motorcycles in the canadian military. I know we used to have CanAm's and Armstrong/HD's a while ago, and eventually got the KLR 250 as well. Were these just used for dispatch...
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    FRS vs Mil Issue Radios

    Cell/Sat phones are in all likelyhood just as easy to jam / screw with as any other RF device (radio). That being said, it is very unlikely that any current en. would be jamming ALL radio freq, cell phones, sat phones, GPS's, etc. at the same time. Redundancy is key.
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    All things GPS (recommendations, tips, etc.) - merged

    If your going to be using a PDA to do mapping with, might as well get a GPS receiver that attaches directly to it rather than a handheld. There are a number of them on the market which use either a serial cable to connect, or go directly through a SD or compact flash port on the PDA. With this...
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    All things GPS (recommendations, tips, etc.) - merged

    Regarding jamming of the GPS signal - you can easily jam any receiver, be it a civi one or the PLGR. You just have to transmit on both bands, L1 and L2, with a high enough power. Spoofing the PLGR would be more difficult, as you can't easily spoof the encrypted P-code on the L2 band, but...
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    Purpose of Reserve Maintenance trades?

    Good to know about the EME common courses, as we have several new people who had trouble getting on one of the Borden courses due to scheduling. We used to run those courses in house, but I recall hearing something about a new directive that they would all be centrally run to ensure standards...
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    Purpose of Reserve Maintenance trades?

    Actually, I don't think we even have any ql3 qualified weapons techs at the moment. We had 3, but they all left to either ppcli, rcmp, and another svc bn. We do however, have a few very experienced veh techs, incl our RSM, and atleast one reg f. sgt in ops/trg. But they are usually busy with...
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    Purpose of Reserve Maintenance trades?

    This is a good topic to bring up, and I have often times wondered this myself. While I can't speak definitevily for the weapons side, what you describe sounds exaclty the same as the situation with vehicles. One of the biggest problems that we have in my unit (and I'm sure other svc bn's have...
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    Military Posters

    If you really want to prepare for inf courses, then take a look at the Army Electronic Library. There you can reference training manuals for the currently used inf weapons, as well as things like patrolling formations, vehicles, etc. http://armyapp.dnd.ca/ael/main-acceuil.asp