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    Canadian military motorcycles

    Hello all, I was recenlty reading about Germany's extensive use of motorcycles during WWII, and I got to thinking about motorcycles in the canadian military. I know we used to have CanAm's and Armstrong/HD's a while ago, and eventually got the KLR 250 as well. Were these just used for dispatch...
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    Rappel master course/qualifications

    Hey all, just curious, what are the qualifications required to go on a rappel master course as a reservist? is it even possible?
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    Wiley-X prescription glasses

    Hey all, I'm looking into getting a new pair of glasses as my current ones are showing their age, and I was thinking of getting a pair of Wiley-X wraparounds. These would be great for army exercises, as well as biking, paragliding, etc. Problem is, I don't want to order online without trying on...
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    M38 / M38A1 Jeep, ground up restoration?

    Hey all. My unit has an old Jeep chassis that has been sitting outside in the compound longer than I've been with the unit. I measured the wheelbase / track on it last night and determined that it is either an M38 or M38A1, can't tell what year. It has the complete engine/drivetrain, steering...
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    Adventure training for reserves?

    Hey all, some of the lower ranks in my unit were recently having a discussion about how to improve retention in our unit. One of the suggestions was in regards to doing things like adventure training once in a while, rather than the same repetitive stuff over and over again. However, there was a...