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  1. OceanBonfire

    Les Forces armées canadiennes réduisent le recrutement à cause de la pandémie

  2. OceanBonfire

    US hacked December 2020

    The US just got hacked and it's the worst hack in history. Trump is doing nothing to date and hasn't been doing his job for months and looks very likely to leave this mess to Biden:
  3. OceanBonfire

    13 charged in plots against Michigan governor, police

    Seeing those armed right-wingers storming the state capitol months ago, I'm somewhat surprised and not surprised:
  4. OceanBonfire

    Army commander vows to issue special order to weed out extremists in the ranks

    We'll see if that "explicit direction" will actually be clear. I don't really have my hopes up though.
  5. OceanBonfire

    FY 19/20 Recruitment

    Some statistics from fiscal year 19/20:
  6. OceanBonfire

    Army revamps business approach

  7. OceanBonfire

    VIP RAF Voyager "Vespina"