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  1. Arctic Acorn

    Mess Kit for Sale: Army Intelligence Officer

    Doeskin Army Mess Dress. Originally made for a Branch legend in Germany several millennia ago, and passed on to someone significantly less noteworthy (me). The jacket and pants been very well cared for, and the waistcoat is brand new. Captain's rank (the bars though, which I understand is passe...
  2. Arctic Acorn

    Property for Sale - 1.5 Storey in Dartmouth, NS

    Never thought I'd post a house on here but.... http://www.realtor.ca/propertyDetails.aspx?propertyId=12885399&PidKey=621770664 Older home but in great condition. Motivated seller! Happy to answer any questions, but viewings can be booked though my Realtor...
  3. Arctic Acorn

    29 Oct 11: MCPL Byron Greff, 3PPCLI, R.I.P.

    I hate to be the bearer of sad news, but: Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2011/10/29/afghanistan-taliban-kabul-attack.html?cmp=rss A Canadian soldier and 12 American troops, as well as four Afghans, were killed in a suicide car bombing on the outskirts of Kabul on Saturday. The...
  4. Arctic Acorn

    MAGPUL iPhone cases

    Since I bought an iPhone 3GS a couple of years ago I've been trying to find a durable case for my phone. Something that I can take camping or on exercise, but doesn't make it big and bulky (like an Otterbox). The thing I hate about these phones is that a decent case can easily run you 3-50...
  5. Arctic Acorn

    Best place to buy a Mess Dress Waistcoat in Halifax

    I am in the process of collecting all the bits and bobs for a set of mess dress. I was able to pick up a gently-used set of NCM mess dress, and now have just about everything I need, except a waistcoat. Can anyone suggest a decent place in the Halifax/Dartmouth area to have one done up...
  6. Arctic Acorn

    Waiver to volunteer?

    I recently started volunteering with a local Ground SAR team. When I joined, they told me that I needed to fill out a form advising DND that I was doing so, which I was told waives some of my pension rights if I injure myself while out working with them. They explained that its the same as what...
  7. Arctic Acorn

    Radiohead Tribute to WWI Vet Harry Patch

    British WWI Vet Harry Patch passed away recently. He is believed to have been one of two remaining British WWI veterans. He fought at the Western Front and at Passchendaele. At any rate, Thom Yorke from Radiohead wrote a tribute for Harry Patch, which is available on the BBC website. Its based...
  8. Arctic Acorn

    Will the CP Gear Single Mag Pouch fit a Garmin 60CSx

    I recently picked up a Garmin 60CSx, and I'm shopping around for a simple, sturdy case to keep it in. I went to the CP Gear website, and I looked at two options: The purpose-build Garmin 60 Case, and the single mag pouch (SMP). Has anyone here tried to use the SMP for a Garmin 60 GPS? It looks...
  9. Arctic Acorn

    Let's play a game...

    I wasn't sure what forum would be the best fit for this...the "Parade Square" seemed appropriate. Just a little something we noticed at work today...Its a game called, 'One of these troops is not like the others...' http://www.gg.ca/citadelle/index_e.asp
  10. Arctic Acorn

    Army Occupation Badges, who gets what now?

    With a change in the last number of years from the old TQ system to the QL system to the new and 'improved' DP system, who qualifies for what level of Army occupation badge now? As far as I can tell, there isn't a set standard for them across all trades. The Infantry have extra trade courses...
  11. Arctic Acorn

    (US) Army Orders Soldiers to Shed Dragon Skin or Lose SGLI Death Benefits

    A more cynical guy than I might say this is may be due to pressure from defence contractors...if aftermarket kit consistantly outperforms what is issued, that might be seen as a threat the next time the contracts come up for competition/tender (unsure of the term). That could result in some...
  12. Arctic Acorn

    Seeking user review of Wheelers Patrol Sling...

    I recently won a $25 dollar gift certificate to Wheelers in a contest. Theres nothing there I really need (Santa was nice this year..) but I'm thinking their Patrol sling looks nice (nicer than the one I had in Bosnia, at any rate). I've looked in the archives and folks have mentioned it, but no...
  13. Arctic Acorn

    If yer gonna be Dumb...

    So very, very true.... http://www.collegehumor.com/?movie_id=160812 :dontpanic:
  14. Arctic Acorn

    Former service doesn't count?

    I have a question that I hope someone here can answer... I have a Private in my section that has former service from approximately 20 years ago, when he was a Bombardier in the Artillery reserves with about 4-5 years of service accrued. I think that his former service should count in...
  15. Arctic Acorn

    Lightweight Thermal Headware System

    Just got the LWT system today, and I must say it is a truly bitchin' set of kit. However, does anyone know if it is authorised for garrision wear? Likely not the balaclava, but the neck warmer isn't too overt IMO. Have any units/bases issued policy on this yet? :dontpanic: J.M.
  16. Arctic Acorn

    SJA AMFR Lvl 1...Thoughts?

    Just a quick question for any medics out there. How does the Saint John Ambulance Advanced medical first responder level 1 course measure up against the reserve medic QL3? Cheers, :dontpanic: JM
  17. Arctic Acorn

    Kneepad Recommendations

    Hey all, I'm in the market for some kneepads for my PLQ Mod 6, and I was hoping youse guys can throw some recommendations my way. I did a thread search, but they don't really cough up any useful brand names/retailers. I'm hoping the combat arms types (or anyone else with experience) can sort...
  18. Arctic Acorn

    Looking for a Canteen Cup Stand

    Anyone know where I can get my hand on a canteen cup stand? The local surplus stores don't seem to have them. Is anyone willing to either sell me a spare one, or direct me to a Canadian company they has online orders. Or, (and I'll just throw this one out) is someone is willing to acquire one...
  19. Arctic Acorn

    Issue Small Pack - Any reviews?

    I was watching the press coverage of the Van Doos coming home from Afghanistan the other day, and I noticed that all of the troopshad that new 'Tease the Soldier' small pack. Does anyone have one of these? Is it any good? Where is it being issued?
  20. Arctic Acorn

    Component Transfers (Reserve to Regular): Stories

    I'm about to put in for my component transfer to the regs, and I'm looking for peoples experiences with it. I'd really appreciate any advice folks may have on how to smooth the transition from Mo to Lifer. Horror stories would be neat too! Thanks muchly Arctic Acorn (soon to be...