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  1. Slim

    For those of you that knew PC Lou Tellis 8388

    For those of you that knew PC Lou Tellis, #8388 Toronto Police Service, who lost his life in january of 2008 this was in the Christmas addition of the TPS Association magazine Tour Of Duty. The article is added as an attatchment below;
  2. Slim

    Sarge knows all the horses, Brigandier,

    Sarge knows all the horses, the way they work, what makes them tick. 'You love them all, the good and the bad,' he says One sight I will never for-get ... Bay St. at Charles. The Yonge St. Riot has just begun. I am beside the last of 11 horses strung across Bay. Eleven police mounts...
  3. Slim

    Gun charge tossed

    This is why we have gang-bangers on the street and the police are unable to do a thing about them...Thanks to Libewral judges. Gun charge tossed Judge rules search was illegal Scarborough man walked free yesterday after a judge ruled that a search of his car trunk -- which turned up a...
  4. Slim

    Military set for dramatic remake

    Military set for dramatic remake Hillier's shake-up to allow forces to respond faster to crisis Objective is to better integrate army, navy and air force Jan. 30, 2006. 01:00 AM BRUCE CAMPION-SMITH OTTAWA BUREAU OTTAWA—Gen. Rick Hillier has made his reputation as the outspoken, no nonsense...
  5. Slim

    218 reasons NOT to vote for the Liberals

    218 reasons NOT to vote for the Liberals By LINDA WILLIAMSON, TORONTO SUN http://www.torontosun.com/News/Election/2006/01/22/1405861-sun.html After 12 years, we at the Sun think it's self-evident that the Liberals have to go, and polls show most Canadians agree. But just in case you're...
  6. Slim

    Commissioner Wants TTC Cops Armed [ And What About Private Security?]

    Commissioner wants TTC cops armed TTC Commissioner Bill Saundercook wants to arm the transit system's special constables with guns. Saundercook, a Toronto councillor, said yesterday that the seizure Monday of a sawed-off shotgun and a revolver at the Dupont subway station just reinforces the...
  7. Slim

    Cadet Pioneer Course

    Several times I've heard mention of the Cadet Pioneer Course. Could someone please give us some details (ie training, kit, location ect) on this course please? Thanks Slim
  8. Slim

    Chopper on offer to cops

    I think that either Bill Blair is scared of those hippy protester members of the Police Services Board or just isn't a good enough police officer to see the value of a piece of kit like that and the tremendous benefit that it would be to the TPS as a tool of law enforcement. Pam McConnel, as...
  9. Slim

    Peggy Hickenbottom, mother of three,is in the crosshairs of Canadian politicians

    Peggy Hickenbottom, mother of three, salesman and former wedding-dress buyer, is in the crosshairs of Canadian politicians By THANE BURNETT, TORONTO SUN Peggy Hickenbottom is in the crosshairs of Canadian federal and provincial justice ministers. What crime has she committed? They will...
  10. Slim

    merged subject The CDS's speech

    http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/34810.120.html The CDS's speech has been merged with 'Don't people have any respect anymore' in the Canadian Army forum thanks Staff
  11. Slim

    Police board shuffle

    Police board shuffle McConnell replaced as chairman By ROB GRANATSTEIN, CITY HALL BUREAU http://torontosun.com/News/TorontoAndGTA/2005/10/14/1261957-sun.html Pam McConnell will be resigning today as the chairman of the Toronto Police Services Board. After a year at the helm, McConnell will...
  12. Slim

    War Is Virtual Hell

    Bruce Sterling reports back from the electronic battlefield. The First Company of the 12th Armored Cavalry Regiment prepared for virtual battle. At the Combined Arms and Tactical Training Center (CATTC) in Fort Knox, Ky., the troops prepared to enter SIMNET - a virtual war delivered via...
  13. Slim

    Kandahar trip kept hush-hush

    Kandahar trip kept hush-hush orces swear guests to secrecy OTTAWA -- Canadian Olympians and members of the business elite invited to join the military's top soldier on a trip to war-torn Kandahar have been sworn to secrecy about the timing and details of their tour. And an Ottawa engineering...
  14. Slim

    Trying to reach Gina Ryan - Former musician

    I'm trying to reach Gina Ryan who is a former musician and is now living in the Toronto area and (I believe) working as a music teacher at a private school. (possibly near Avenue road and Eglinton/Lawrence area) If anyone has any information could they either bring it forward or let Gina know...
  15. Slim

    Worth your time.....

    Subject: Worth your time..... > >This was the murders in London, Ontario, last week.  This is written by a >London Policewoman. > >I want to tell you a story about last Sunday night. Please read this, then >go tell your family how much you love them... > >At 2:26am, Monday morning, I was on...
  16. Slim

    Governor General's address to the nation

    Governor General Adrienne Clarkson delivered the following address during Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill: I'm delighted to be able to look out at all of you massed on the Hill today. You are beautiful! Happy Canada Day to you, and to everyone who is watching across the country. They...
  17. Slim

    It's Super Prime Minister

    It's Super Prime Minister By LESLEY WRIGHT, TORONTO SUN http://torontosun.com/News/Canada/2005/07/01/1113056-sun.html SPAWN AND Spider-Man had better watch their backs. This Canada Day, Sir John A. Macdonald will smite them with one swoosh of his super spectacles and history books. An...
  18. Slim

    Niagara Taser death

    Niagara Taser death BREAK-IN SUSPECT DIES SHORTLY AFTER BEING SHOT BY STUN GUN By JONATHAN JENKINS, TORONTO SUN http://torontosun.com/News/TorontoAndGTA/2005/07/02/1114105-sun.html ONLY A few days after Niagara police front-line supervisors were issued Tasers, a man died yesterday shortly...
  19. Slim

    Museum gets $105Gs gun

    USED TO SLAY D'ARCY MCGEE Museum gets $105Gs gun A revolver used to assassinate one of the Fathers of Confederation -- Thomas D'Arcy McGee -- fetched $105,000 at a Hamilton auction yesterday. The .32-calibre Smith and Wesson used by Irish militant James Patrick Whelan to kill McGee on April...
  20. Slim

    Dealing with Blank Canadian Passports and Breach of Trust

    Former employee of Passport Canada - Scarborough Office sentenced for Dealing with Blank Canadian Passports and Breach of Trust (April 18th 2005 - Toronto, Ontario) Toula BLANAS, age 27, a former employee of Passport Canada was sentenced on April 15th for her role in the theft of 246 blank...