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  1. ueo

    Gathering Reservists in Borden

    I get the deployment of our few remaining trained medical pers to assist in PQ. I don't get why the tall foreheads in NDHQ would mass reservists (rumored at aprox 600) in austere conditions on haybox meals in the Cadet area in Blackdown CFB Borden. Social distancing may be a problem andalso...
  2. ueo

    Did PM Trudeau convert to Islam?

    A rumor gaining traction in the local coffee shops and other libation providing establishments is that Mr. Sunny Ways has converted to Islam. This, IMHO, is pure BS, but those proposing it are almost as rabid in defending it as a certain American and the place of birth issue, altho without a...
  3. ueo

    New Immigration Quotas

    Earlier this week, I read an article stating that quotas for "skilled" immigrants would be reduced and those for "unskilled" applicants would be increased. I wonder which of the Ottawa Brain Trusts came up with this one. National unemployment levels hovering around 7% or so are not going to be...