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  1. paracowboy

    Hayley Westenra...

    ...has the voice of an angel. Astounding. http://www.hayleywestenra.com/
  2. paracowboy

    For The Ladies - Demystifying Men

    Okay, I just spent some time with the clerks in the BOR, one of whom is having guy troubles. Why? Because she thinks the same thing so many chicks do.  ::) 'Men are just so complex'. I blame Cosmo. Ladies, Cosmo is a pack of lies. LIES! I explained this to m’dear, darlin’, li’l wife many years...
  3. paracowboy

    Pictures needed

    troops, I need a favour: I need some pics of the statue in front of the gates in Gag-town. You know, the guy striding forward resolutely, stiff upper lip, steely-eyed gaze, with his rifle held in front of him. Also, I've only got one of Iron Mike at the main gates to Pet. Can someone send me...
  4. paracowboy

    Tonight's Simpsons

    Gore Vidal & Thomas Wolfe guest-voices on the Simpsons. That alone makes this the...funniest...episode...ever. Even better than: "Somebody light this monkey!" & "Sooo, I can't help but notice that your home smells like feces. And not just monkey feces, either." and "But I don't even...
  5. paracowboy

    What's this stuff on a tombstone mean?

    Friend of my fathers copied the following off his Grandfather's tombstone. Obviously, I can figure out most of it, but I'd like some detail, and I don't want to give him speculation. Thanks.
  6. paracowboy

    My First HIP Ride

    Somewhere up ahead, beyond the green cleavage of a mountain pass (possibly the only time green cleavage can be truly attractive – unless you’re Capt. James T. Kirk, I suppose) a helicopter was waiting for me on an LZ carved out of the wilderness. I was several hours late for the RV, having been...
  7. paracowboy

    Yellow Ribbon Campaign Winnepeg - Need Volunteers.

    A member of the site has received permission to put up yellow ribbons in Winnipeg. She intends to do so on Tuesday. She was concerned about where to put the post, and didn't want to violate any rules, so I'm inviting her to add relevent information, and to act as the Point of Contact for...
  8. paracowboy

    Other Friends vs. Military Friends

    Other Friends vs. Military Friends OTHER FRIENDS: Never ask for food MILITARY FRIENDS: Are the reason you have no food. OTHER FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs. MILITARY FRIENDS: Call your parents mom and dad. OTHER FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong...
  9. paracowboy

    ME violence hits Seattle

  10. paracowboy

    Nutrition for Fitness

    Right, to clarify some stuff:  Everything I'm putting in here is either right from Pub A-MD-07-006/PW-001, or verified by it, and has been run past a PSP nutritionist, with a Master's in the subject. That makes it Policy, I do believe. I've begun to pay a lot more attention to nutrition lately...
  11. paracowboy

    911, Dial-A-Date, same thing.

    > usual stuff about the Fair Dealings Act, and all that blah blah http://msnbc.msn.com/id/13862689/?GT1=8307 poor kid is going to be known as " Officer Cutie-pie" for the next 5 years.
  12. paracowboy

    Naked Man Flails Car With Stolen Pigeon

    > usual stuff about the Fair Dealings Act, and such http://home.hamptonroads.com/stories/print.cfm?story=107685&ran=115699 BWAAAAAAAhahahahahahaha! I couldn't make something like this up! larceny of poultry Who knew that was even an actual charge? BWAhahahahaha!
  13. paracowboy

    Meet Bunny

    (\__/) (='.'=) This is Bunny. Copy and paste bunny into your (")_(") signature to help him gain world domination.
  14. paracowboy

    LEO Witticisms

    lifted from a LEO forum: Knucklehead: “My taxes pay your salary!” Officer: “So do mine. This one's on me.” Perp: “The cuffs are too tight!” Officer: “Yeah, they're new. They'll stretch out.” Situation: Night time. Foot pursuit of a perp through the projects. Rookie on foot, Officer in the...
  15. paracowboy

    5 Stages of a cop's career

    From a LEO lifer: FASCINATION STAGE - 1st thru 4th year of Law Enforcement. For most officers, this is their first time outside of the middle class bubble. They have never seen a dead body, never seen life-threatening injuries, never dealt with a family disturbance, never witnessed the squalor...
  16. paracowboy

    Advice From A LEO To You

    this was originally posted on SOCNET, here: http://www.socnetcentral.com/vb/showthread.php?t=61272
  17. paracowboy

    The Wisdom Of Louis L'amour

    one of my favourite philosophers, historians, and story-tellers:
  18. paracowboy

    I have a haircut...

    ...an official, Army-regs haircut. (Standard pause of 2...3...to allow gasps of shock, approving nods from Sr NCOs, and moans of disappointment from the females on the boards.) That is all.
  19. paracowboy

    Tears. Actual tears.

  20. paracowboy

    When is she "Too Army"?

    when she says "Say again" instead of "Pardon me?" when she ends phone calls with "Bye-bye, Out." when she can run Timmy's out to you and the boys on a grid reference. when she calls people "weak" when she says "Roger" instead of "I understand". when she mocks war movies for being...