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    Word association (just for fun)

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    Cpl Chris Shallow

    Chris Shallow's Obituary http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/ottawacitizen/obituary.aspx?n=christopher-shallow&pid=155666080
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    Cpl Chris Shallow

    Yesterday Cpl Chris Shallow died of Cancer. He was a first course member of CSOR and a Special Operator since 2006. I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Chris and I can say I will miss him and his humor. Chris got me into proper weight lifting and the use of natural supplements to...
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    Anyone care for a Darth Burger?

    ME I WANT!!!!  ;D
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    Holy *Beep* from CBC News...Gas Prices go up 12 cents In Montreal

    That is really kinda normal around here. I am shocked it made the news really. Often times you go to bed on say Wednesday and wake up Thursday to see gas went from 1.22$ up to 1.32$. I have never ever seen gas price fluctuation like I have here.
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    Peter Mackay marries former Miss Canada World Nazanin Afshin-Jam

    Some guys have all the luck!  ;) Best wishes for the happy couple!
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    Word association (just for fun)

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    CBC Sniper Documentary - Rob Furlong

    Bold is my issue, I really wish Media would actually know what they are talking about. I wont ever take anything away from being a Sniper but Snipers aren't SOF.... A minute of research and clarification goes a long way. As for Rob really good guy and one hell of a Sniper.
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    Word association (just for fun)

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    The Shaving Superthread- All You Want and More....

    It may be worth your while to shave once or twice with a blade get your rash then go to the MIR and receive a no shave shit. There have been several candidates that have had to go this route from the course I have instructed and there is zero problem with that. The electronic shaver "could" be...
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    Word association (just for fun)

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    Dec 21 - Happy Birthday, The RCD & The RCR

    Happy Birthday RCD :panzer:
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    Happy Birthday to The Royal Canadian Regiment

    128 yrs young and I must say looking pretty darn good for your age  ;D Pro Patria!
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    Measuring Physical Fitness (Split: CF weighs releasing combat wounded soldiers)

    I will correct those things wrong with what your YMCA guy did here. I'm an instructor at CFLRS and I have seen the CF entry standards for the express test by PSP many times it is always the same no exceptions Arm must be no farther then 45 degrees and not touching the body. Arm cannot move at...
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    Measuring Physical Fitness (Split: CF weighs releasing combat wounded soldiers)

    Feet must be together or they don't count on the express test (coopers test to for that matter). If the person testing you allowed you to do them with feet apart he is in violation of the PSP standard for the express test.