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    Format of Memos

    Also there should be 5 blank spaces between your last para (3) and your signature block. Then there are no spaces between name, rank, position ----- 3. For your consideration, Sir. A.B. Bloggins Pte PotStirrer
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    Psychiatric Information Required for Recruitment

    Standard disclaimer: no one here is going to give you the answer you seek. Your best resource will be the Medical Staff at your local Recruiting Center. Notwithstanding the above, everyone's medical history is judged on a case-by-case basis. You may require a FDL (letter from your family...
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    Anyone competition listed in 2021?

    Hello, Just to clarify "this year" in recruiting is still last year. Recruiting works off of the government fiscal year - so a recruiting year is 1 April to 31 March. The "new year" in recruiting starts 1 April 2021.
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    When will CFAT restriction be lifted in Toronto?

    Please note that the CFRC's being opened / closed are in conjunction with the provincial and regional directions of the particular CFRC. As long as Toronto is a "grey" zone or as long as the province is in a lock down then recruiting activities will be impacted at that particular CFRC.
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    Obtaining Degree While Working

    Nope it isn't the same thing. Original Wording: 50%/year to a yearly max of $2000 for 4 years Class A Reservist (part-time military member) who is going to school full time will utilize the $8,000 as their yearly costs normally exceed $4000/year Class B Reservist (full-time military member)...
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    Bankruptcy and joining the military

    This is not a yes/no response. Part of joining the military includes a criminal record name check/credit check. These are used to determine whether a person might be subject to outside pressures that could reflect on the degree of trust of the individual joining. If adverse conditions are...
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    Obtaining Degree While Working

    They've actually changed the policy for PRes members. When it came it out it was "50% of costs up to $2,000/year for up to 4 years" then a bunch of Class B reservists put grievances in and it's been revamped to be 50% of costs up to to $2,000/year to a career maximum of $8,000. It took me...
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    Site Administration Welcome to the new Army.ca!

    We all know how military members loooove change ;-) In all seriousness I've taken a few hours to get familiar with the new set-up; I'm still learning my way but overall it looks great.
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    Will enlisting in the reserves effect applying for ROTP later?

    Disclaimer: This post is my personal opinion. ROTP - CT files are handled through CFRC/CFRG so it's a bit different than a normal CT/OT. But it is doable; I know of many PRes individuals who decided to go ROTP from the Army Reserve. Is it a guarantee? Nope, but then again nothing really is...
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    Need help to process to Canada Force

    "Since then when i log on portal this is the status it shows . Last time my application status was changed when i did my interview on OCT 21, 2020" Please note that the portal shows what stage you are in the process; based on the information in your message you cannot proceed to Final...
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    Competition List Timeline?

    Please remember that timings vary based on your personal circumstances (medicals could take longer, background checks, etc), which CFRC you're being processed through and what occupation and entry plan you're trying to join.  While there are "average" times out there, I personally wouldn't base...
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    The "Nursing Officer" Merged Thread

    It wouldn't qualify them for ROTP Nursing until they started an actual nursing degree.  Many ES for HS occupations have gotten more stringent over the years - for example Social Worker SEELM used to accept any undergrad with entrance into a Master of Social work - not it requires a BSW - no...
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    MS Office 365/MS Teams

    If you try to sign onto MS Teams from a non-DWAN computer using the MS Teams app it will tell you that your sign on was successful but the system doesn't meet the security requirements - so a stab in the dark here, but it sounds like you're using the MS Teams app vice using a browser ;-) ...
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    My CIC Application Odyssey

    I'm not going to get into semantics here but Canada is broke apart into 6 Regions for the CFRCs.  When quoting CFRC policy you use those 6 districts and then further break down into the smaller AOR's.  When talking policies you use the Policy of Southern Ontario, not "South Western Ontario". ...
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    The "Nursing Officer" Merged Thread

    CLARIFICATION FOR 2020/2021 The Health Services Branch has intake for anyone that was in a Canadian accredited degree granting undergraduate nursling program (Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, or Bachelor of Nursing Science) as of 1 September 2020 (1st, 2nd or 3rd year). If...